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   Imera Metal is one of Manufacturer Company in Istanbul Turkey. We are producing Perforated Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Wire Mesh Cable Trays(Basket Type), Cable Trunkings, Metal or PVC Spiral Pipe and Supports Elements for these all products.


   Our new Facility located in Selimpasa Istanbul. Our facility has 2500 m2 and full automated machinery. Our Production Capasity is 1000 tons per month.

Imera Metal exporting in more than 10 countries around the world, especially in Africa and Middle East.


   Wether on production level or customer service, our business is based on quality and mutual trust.

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Our Company produce every solution by make succesfull application, with its experience and our company has obtained quality, opportunity, capacity and technical information so it is continue to serve to its customers with this informations.


   Always main goal is to catch the better to improve and to achieve excellence.

In this excellence journey we will walk with ‘’our friends ‘’ and it will be honor and power for us to see the customers, employees and our social partners with us.

Cable Management Systems


Mobile Contact Number

+90 542 740 63 72

Images from Facility

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