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Company Profile

METAKSAN is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cable management systems in Turkey.

The main product lines of Metaksan are metal cable tray systems (Wire Mesh Cable Trays, perforated and non perforated cable trays and cable ladders); PVC Trunkings, Flexible &  Rigid Pipes; metal spiral conduits with or without PVC coating with all support elements.

Specialized in production of cable management systems, Metaksan is also a supplier of various products like earthing & lightining systems, industrial sockets, lighting poles and other electrical materials. 

As Metaksan, we build our company values based on mutual trust and the committed working relation between our suppliers and customers. With our strong supplier network and high quality policy, our aim is to have continues improvement in customer satisfaction. We try to the highest possible degrees of transparency for our customers. In order to achieve this, all processes, data and the goals set within the company are continuously measured, displayed and, wherever possible, improved upon.

Our products excel through high levels of competence in all areas of the production process. Our goal is to share the benefit gained from the outcome with our customers. Metaksan is not only supplying products to its customers, but also giving technical support and consultancy about products and systems.

With our product, packing and service quality, Metaksan products are exported to more than 30 countries all over the world.